Our Priorities

The Republican Party of Virginia’s greatest strength is its people – both activists and candidates – but our state party isn’t doing enough to support them. We’re committed to building assets for victory and growing the party.  

Grassroots Fundraising

Last year, the Republican Party of Virginia had just 5 grassroots donations. That’s not a typo: five! The Democratic Party of Virginia had over a thousand. Over the last decade, Virginia Republicans have ceded the ground in online grassroots fundraising to the Democrats. We’re seeing this most dramatically for our down-ballot races.  

The RPV needs to focus on building an online fundraising program to help our candidates narrow this gap. We’ll ensure the RPV leadership commits to building email and text messaging fundraising programs.  

Voter Registration

Since 2013, more than 575,000 new voters have registered in Virginia. That’s a growth of 12% in the last six years, but the growth has been SLOWEST in our most Republican parts of the state. Virginia’s 2nd, 5th, and 9th congressional districts are each below the statewide average in single digits. RPV needs to take the lead on narrowing this gap. We’ll make sure the state party is focused on voter registration efforts for Republicans.  

Incremental Goals for the 8th

Only in extraordinary circumstances could a Republican overcome the mathematical advantage Democrats have in the 8th District for local elections, but we need to deliver more votes for our statewide candidates. We’ll work with state and local party leadership to set incremental goals for increasing voter turnout in the 8th District to help level the playing field for Republicans statewide.

133 Strategy

If we want to increase statewide GOP turnout, we need to make sure that Republicans have candidates to vote for. We need to focus on recruiting and promoting candidates in all 133 of Virginia’s counties and independent cities to ensure that no Democrat goes unopposed. This means the state party needs to be more aggressive in recruiting and more welcoming to new members.

End the Nonsense

For too long, our state Republican party has been preoccupied with meaningless process fights that don’t bring our party any closer to winning. As your representatives to the State Central Committee, we’ll work hard to keep the focus on building and growing the party rather than being distracted by the same old nonsense.

Pledge Your Support

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